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Parachallenged Radio (Paranormal News Anchor )


Tune in to the half way mark and listen to Bryan give the latest news, past stories, equipment/book/location reviews, and events happening in the paranormal community.

Jackelope Radio 105 FM out of Kansas City

Tuesday Nights 7-9 pm CST


PCR News Segments

20100302.mp3 - North Carolina Women Guilty of Killing Fortune Teller
20100309.mp3 - Connecticut GhostBuster Arrested on Theft Charge
20100316.mp3 - Teens Run Away After Getting Envolved with Vampire Role Playing
20100323.mp3 - A Paranormal Mueusem Opens in Downtown Gettyburg
20100330.mp3 - Israeli Rabbi Conducts Exorcism Via Skype
20100406.mp3 - Ghostly Get-A-Way to Dauphin Island
20100413.mp3 - Warwick Rhode Island Gets Flooded For Sin, TAPS (Ghost Hunters Tv) To Blame
20100427.mp3 - Ghosts Sightings Highest in Twenty Years
20100518.mp3 - A Russian President Asked to Investigate Alien Claims
20100525.mp3 - Paranormal Divers Plan Summer of Ghost Hunting in Tampa Bay
20100608.mp3 - Lady Gaga
20100615.mp3 - Top 10 Ghost Movies
20100622.mp3 - Have scientists found proof that ghosts exist?
20100713.mp3 - iPhone photo of "ghost" makes UK tabloids look foolish
20100720.mp3 - Pyschic Pets
20100727.mp3 - Ghost Killings
20100803.mp3 - Ghosts and Car Accidents
20100810.mp3 - UFO Sightings
20100824.mp3 - Witches
20100831.mp3 - Vampires
20100907.mp3 - The Devil is In the Vatican and How to sell your Soul
20100914.mp3 - Near Death Experiences
20100921.mp3 - Spirit Attachment
20101005.mp3 - Catholics OK's UFOS
20101026.mp3 - Halloween Songs

20101102.mp3 - Bigfoot

20101116.mp3 - Black Eyed Kids

20101130.mp3 - PSI research: What do these Numbers Really Mean?
20101214.mp3 - Have Scientists Finally Discovered Evidence for Psychic Phenomena?!
20101221.mp3 - 12 great holiday gifts for fans of the paranormal

20101228.mp3 - 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' recap: I have a vision: It's all downhill from here
20110111.mp3 - Dead birds and fish update: Thousands of dead fish in Chicago's Lake Michigan
20110201.mp3 - Killings of African ghosts

20110215.mp3 - Haunted Amusement Parks

20110301.mp3 - Haunted Hollywood Oscar Related Ghost Stories in Honor of the Academy Awards

20110308.mp3 - Reincarnated Actors?

20110315.mp3 - The Ghosts of Flight 401

20110322.mp3 - Ghosts of Poetry

20110405.mp3 - The Strange of Homeopathey

20110412.mp3 - About Royalty Ghosts

20110426.mp3 - Authors of Ghosts In Their Towns

20110517.mp3 - Fairy Gardens

20110531.mp3 - Ghosts In The Government

20110607.mp3 - 8 Scary Sex Tips

20110614.mp3 - Guitar Players and Dead Musicians: The Curse of 27

20110621.mp3 - Ghostly Summer Programs

20110628.mp3 - Real Celebrity Ghost Stories

20110712.mp3 - Illinois Cemetery Scheme

20110726.mp3 - Junior Sleuths and Paranormal Animals

20110816.mp3 - When The Ghosts See Red

20110823.mp3 - Thought to be possessed by ghost, man gets more earthly diagnosis

20110830.mp3 - UFO Sightings Increase 357% and Hurricane Irene UFO’s

20110906.mp3 - Mastering the bedtime monsters

20110913.mp3 - Charles Hickson, famous for claimed Pascagoula UFO abduction, dies at 80

20110927.mp3 - Universal Kicks Off Halloween Season

20111011.mp3 - 10 More Extremely Bizarre Phobias

20111018.mp3 - Top 10 Vampire Movies

20111025.mp3 - Paranormal Acitivity 3 Movie and The Gifted TV Show reviews

20111101.mp3 - Why Are Some People More Attracted to Scary Movies Than Others Are and Hauntings Affect House Prices

20111115.mp3 -The Faustian Curse Of Using Nostradamus's Mabus. A Series of Unfortunate Events

20111122.mp3 - Jack Black Producing Comedy Series ‘Ghost Ghirls’ For Syfy and Why ‘My Paranormal Romance’ barely works

20111206.mp3 - Top 10 Versions of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol and Trees, spirits, ghosts and Christmas

20111213.mp3 - Paranormal book and TV movie reviews, What is Paranormal Romance and Bag of Bones TV reviews on the ghosts, mystery, suspense and confusion

20111220.mp3 - Government Ghosts and Twas the night before Christmas poem reading.docx

20111227.mp3 - Paranormal Authors and Film Makers

20120110.mp3 - Office haunting reason for quiting, the comedian ghost hunter, and young female ghost hunters wanted
20120117.mp3 - Facebook from beyond and Writing like twilight and Monsters aren't just hiding under the bed

20120124.mp3 - Man Says Ghost Punched Wife and Ghouls on film why women make the scariest ghosts

20120131.mp3 - Donn Shy- The Para-Publicist

20120221.mp3 - The Woman in Black & Ghosts of the Past

20120228.mp3 - The Surprising Origins of 9 Common Superstitions

20120313.mp3 - Fairy Tales

20120320.mp3 - Zap ghosts, Alien Prequel, Obama Documents

20120327.mp3 - Aliens saving hippies, Paranormal Parody Movie, Snack Loving ghosts, and Angels over Rangers

20120403.mp3 - Ghosts of Iraq Haunting CIA My real mother is a green alien, Hip Hop and Metaphysics, ACM Awards 2012

20120410.mp3 - Cabin in the woods; Bubba Earns Cheers; Boys in the band; 15,000 March Winter Records      

20120501.mp3 - The Avengers, Grimm is the best fairy tale, Wind farms affect local weather, Czar's team-by-team NFL Draft grades

20120529.mp3 - Miami witness describes horror of cannibalistic attack, Astronauts comfortable in Dragon, 'Men in Black3, UFOs seen hovering over western Missouri

20120605.mp3 - Canadian dismemberment suspect arrested in Germany, 'Cleaning Fairy' accused of breaking into home, cleaning it; Face A New Horror in Resident Evil 6; Ghostbusters: Is Hollywood a spiritual ‘vortex’?

20120626.mp3 - Real life horror story; Horror as tourist climbs the Eiffel tower and then jumps to his death; Would finding aliens shatter religious beliefs?; Haint Blue- Hauntings Jackson, MS

20120703.mp3 - What do Scientologists believe? Well, members who live on Earth are reincarnated aliens from other planets; Aliens Welcome: A Playlist for World UFO Day; The ghost ships that creep across the blue; Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: "The Fairy Tale Was Over," Says Close Source

20120710.mp3 - 11 Alien Weapons That Would Make Any Cowboy Jealous; Engineering and Metaphysics Post-Conference Wrap-Up; Horror and sci-fi fans mourn the passing of legendary actor Ernest Borgnine; Ozzy Osbourne’s Son Jack Debuts New Syfy Series ‘Haunted Highway’

20120717.mp3 - Ghost hunters and paranormal researchers: Is it worth the risks?; Ouija Scares Up New Writers; Close encounter: We may meet aliens this century;What should the tooth fairy pay for lost teeth?;

20120724.mp3 - Fantasy, fairy tales, happy endings; 1 in 5 Americans Admit to Choosing No Religion; UFOs confuse South Carolina residents’; Aquino calls ARMM governor ‘certified ghost buster’

20120731.mp3 - Horror as devoutly Catholic mother shoots her son and daughter dead before killing herself in luxury home; Horror classic 'The Shining' may get a prequel;  Boy's shock after being hit in the FACE by bird on world's tallest rollercoaster; Olympics UFO just Goodyear blimp

20120814.mp3 - 'Paranormal State' star Ryan Buell, battling cancer; UFO spotted over Antarctica?;  Review: ‘Timothy Green’ an adult fairy tale; Scoutmaster survives attack by rabid beaver in the  Delaware River, calls it “a horror movie” 

20120821.mp3 - eBay to Prohibit Selling of Psychic and Other Paranormal Services ; Bill Shephard, Unemployed Veteran, Posts Army Medal On eBay And Gets Huge Bid ; Aahhhh!!! Real Monsters?; 'ParaNorman': A Ghost Movie With a Heart

20120904.mp3 - Michael Clarke Duncan, star of upcoming horror film 'The Sibling,' dead at 54; Robbie Williams to buy White Rock Island to view 20120925.mp3 - UFOs; Stephen King loses bet to horror writer James Herbert; Brother of Moors Murder victim Keith Bennett angry at paranormal group's 'spade' claim Hauntings, sea stories and a coming-of-age tale highlight Fort Myers museum series; Terror suspect tells judge he is sick, sees ghosts; The Ghosts of Jimmy Carter; UFO War, Alien Invasion part of religious agenda says Contactee

20121029.mp3 - Remind your ghosts and goblins to be safe: Child pedestrian deaths double on Halloween night; UFO war being waged in Antarctica, claims scientist; 13 Indie Horror Movies From 2012 to Watch on Halloween

20121106.mp3 - A haunted legislature?; Ke$ha Says She Slept With Ghosts, Not Justin Bieber; Chinese Metaphysics Meet Mayan End of the World Apocalypse; Asteroid Belts Could Be Key to Finding Alien Life;

20121113.mp3 - Horror as supermarket worker gets arm stuck in a MEAT GRINDER ; Super's 10-year-old son 'witnessed Manhattan nanny plunge knife into her own throat after she'd stabbed children, 2 and 6, to death'; Lost in space: Is the world witnessing the end of 'UFO-logy'?; 'Black Jesus' statue weeps, opens eyes

20121120.mp3 - Eight Reports of UFO Sightings From Five States in 11 Hours; Helping children fearful at bedtime doesn't have to be a monster ordeal; Julia Roberts To Produce Paranormal Investigation Drama For Lifetime; FX picks up third season of ‘American Horror Story’

20121127.mp3 - 10 Seriously Creepy College Hauntings

20121204.mp3 - Aliens entrap human mind in a counterfeit artificial universe; Doomsday fears eased with arks and aliens; Lady Gaga buys Michael Jackson items at auction; Vampire ghost reportedly haunts villagers in western Serbia;

20121211.mp3 - House bill prohibits ghost surgery, calls it immoral; Ghostbusters ‘may scare off brides’; Animal Spirit Guide; UFO: Triangular craft hovers over Richmond Hill, Ontario;

20130108.mp3 - 244 million years ago, monsters ruled the seas where Nevada now sits; Hovering triangle UFO over Mississippi turns off bright lights; Viral Parenting: Tooth Fairy Skips 11 Year Old Because Of Messy Bedroom ; Newly hatched dragons are hot stuff




SideShow Radio (Paranormal and Strange News Anchor )


Tune in to the half way mark and listen to Bryan give the latest news, past stories, equipment/book/location reviews, and events happening in the strange and sideshow world.

Jackelope Radio 105 FM out of Kansas City

Tuesday Nights 7-9 pm CST


News Segments

20130115.mp3 - 'Ghost Mine': Digging for ghosts; Golden Globes: Jodie Foster hints at being gay, retirement in strange 'lonely' speech; The Dumbest Movie Title of the Year; Black Sabbath Announce New Album, '13,' Due Out in June

20130129.mp3 - Tiny Treasures: Fairy gardens provide an indoor forest; Man gets his last Whopper Jr. during his funeral procession; Citizen Pulls Over Drunk Cop, Locks Him In His Own Cruiser; Chris Brown Compares Himself To Jesus After Fighting With Frank Ocean… Yeah, THAT Jesus!

20130219.mp3 - 10 wacky federal tax laws ; ‘Pirate Cave’ Discovered With Strange Treasure ; 5 beers Americans aren't drinking

20130226.mp3 - Oscar’s very weird night ; Weird Science programs its zombie robot sparrows to KILL; Horse meat found in pizzas; Defense Department Spends Billions on Weird Research

20130305.mp3 - Filmmaker Offers $100K For Proof Of Aliens; UFO fleet flies past International Space Station; The weird, wacky world of breaking in a major-league glove; Bird poop facial to snake pedicure: Bizzare beauty treatments of celebrities

20130409.mp3 - Strange Sleep Disorder Makes People See 'Demons';   Top 10 Spooky Sleep Disorders;


Motivational Segments

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