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Model #12-587SB


This is a Radio Shack radio converted over to a spirit box for continous scanning. The theory is that is used to possibly enhance or make spirit communication. However, nothing is completely concrete that it works for everyone and results vary greatly from person to person and location to location. My particular spirit box instructions are included on how to use it after the modifications. It is possible to do the conversion yourself off of the web if your technically inclined. Most people prefer not to open up the radios and make the modifications so they ask me to do it. Because I do alter the radio from it's original store state, all sales are final. The radio shack details about the actual radio is listed below.


This lightweight AM/FM offers classic styling, digital tuning and 20 presets for your favorite stations. The digital tuner locks in your favorite channels with the push of a button and the key lock switch keeps you on station. Whether you've got the game on or your favorite music, you'll be listening in style with this radio.


  • Sleek lightweight design and bright, backlit LCD display makes it a pleasure to use
  • 20 presets (10 AM and 10 FM) for easy access to your favorite stations
  • Built-in speaker and 1/8" stereo headphone jack provides 2 listening options
  • Digitally locks on to signals so you can clearly enjoy your favorite stations


A good class I offer to take with having a spiritbox is my "Remote Viewing Using Ghost Box Technology To Gather Quantifiable Measurements With Spirit Communication". Please see the classes page for more information.


Price: $49.00 ( includes instructions, sales tax and shipping )


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