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Public Speaking and Production Needs


To conference directors and track managers:


With the 2012 year here and conference directors planning an outstanding amount of paranormal events this year, I have been getting asked about my public speaking abilities and helping directors with their events to make it easier on them to focus on other areas. Therefore, I thought I would elaborate on it a little more for everyone.


If you have an event coming up that needs a speaker or emcee, I'm an award winning public speaker for ToastMasters International ( ) and will be glad to speak at your event or conference.


Some of my previous various speaking engagements and conference roles over the last 20+ years include:


    • Emcee Beauty Pageants
    • Emcee Formal Dances and Balls
    • Emcee Contests
    • Live Radio Guest
    • Internet Radio Guests
    • Live TV
    • Conference Marketing Director
    • Classroom training for both military and public corporations including holding workshops
    • Acting
    • Modeling


I can speak on various topics and can formulate a speech on anything a conference has a need for in basic paranormal event coverage such as:


    • evps
    • case management
    • investigation techniques (ex: room sweeps)
    • security
    • group assembly
    • group motivation
    • etc...


A lot of times conferences will get booked heavy on one particular subject and need a better rounded listing. That's where I am glad to speak on various topics. I like to help the event on what is needed. I have also emceed several events so if the event director doesn't have someone to emcee the conference (introducing the speakers and entertaining the crowd during downtimes), I can help there since the director is pretty busy with everything else.


However, if you're looking for specifics, since I'm an engineer by day, what I mostly like to speak on is technology in the math and science realms. I look at the basic laws of physics’ like Newton's law and how they apply to investigations and my own areas of research. This is really thinking out of the box or expanding on ideas within the paranormal community. I will also have workshops put together so people can have a practical application on using the methods or ideas I speak about.


Technical Needs

Also for my technical equipment expertise, I have PA equipment needed for your conference classes and sessions including a full set of production line equipment ranging in:


    • Wireless microphone
    • Wired microphones
    • PA speakers
    • PA amplifiers
    • Multichannel stereo sound mixer
    • Overhead projectors
    • Projector backdrop
    • PC/Laptop availability for MS Power Point presentations
    • Video cameras
    • Video editing
    • DVD creations of your classes
    • Brochure and agenda printouts


If you have your own music, I can use the setup for a conference DJ party with strobe and black\multi-color lights for late night conference parties


Anything that you need to help make your conference run easier, I am here to help.





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