Bryan Lee Whatley - Award Winning Motivational Speaker and Radio Show Host



I can speak on various topics and can formulate a speech on anything a conference has a need for in basic paranormal event coverage such as:


  • Remote Viewing Using Ghost Box Technology To Gather Quantifiable Measurements With Spirit Communication

    This is one of my most sought and requested classes. This class covers remote viewing, ghost box technology, histories of both, and how you can combine the two to measure how well you were getting messages and communication through the ghost box while being able to remote view a target. This class normally requires about 2 hours and contains a workshop to go over the methods and topics discussed in the class. Each group will then go over the results of your workshop to see how well you did. The results are always pretty amazing. Please see my products page for some of the spirit boxes I offer to help with the class.


  • paranormal 101 courses and how-to 's


  • experimental processes


  • technical and technical equipment


  • evps


  • case management


  • investigation techniques (ex: room sweeps, area control)


  • security


  • group assembly


  • group motivation


  • etc...

A lot of times conferences will get booked heavy on one particular subject and need a better rounded listing. That's where I am glad to speak on various topics. I like to help the event on what is needed. I have also emceed several events so if the event director doesn't have someone to emcee the conference (introducing the speakers and entertaining the crowd during downtimes), I can help there since the director is pretty busy with everything else.

However, if you're looking for specifics, since I'm an engineer by day, what I mostly like to speak on is technology in the math and science realms. I look at the basic laws of physics like Newton's law and how they apply to investigations and my own areas of research. This is really thinking out of the box or expanding on ideas within the paranormal community. I will also have workshops put together so people can have a practical application excerise afterwards on using the methods or ideas I speak about.


  • The Mystic Cottage Feb 16th, 2011, Pensacola, Fl.

  • The Mystic Cottage May 11th, 2011, Pensacola, Fl.